Day 233

woke up at about 9.30 again, got ready, then we all met downstairs in the kitchen area for toast! yay! toast! yumm…..

after eating our breakfast we walked on over to Central Park again to see a bit more of it. we walked down the west side this time, still got heaps of it left to see too!

we jumped on the subway at 86th street & headed to Rockafella place. we hung out there awhile checked out some shops. went for a walk around the city part near Rockafella & found a pizza store place where we got 2 pizzas for 5.95 each pizza. they were big enough to feed us all. Victoria had one to herself lol! she didn’t finish it.

after eating we checked out some souvenir shops, got some stuff. then went back to Rockafella. we went to a pretzel store & got some pretzels & hot chocolate.. the hot chocolate was crap & they pissed me off when Id ordered & they were like “no more cinnamon pretzels, have sticks instead. same thing” then they charged me extra for it!! stupid people. I was like well not really, I want a cinnamon pretzel! bleh.

anywhooo. after that we went up to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. the lift was so cool going up. it was a see through roof so you get to see right up & there’s projections on it and yeah. it’s sweet! it was soo cold up there. we saw a building that said -3 so yeah. crappy cold! but it was a very nice view. I liked it a lot very nice.

there was a weird plane thing just hovering like over Central Park. it wasn’t moving at all. like, just stayed there… for agessss… sooo weird :S

after Top of the Rock we headed home. on the subway we went. when we got back to our stop I grabbed subway for dinner & we went back to the hostel and sat in the lounge area to eat & watch Home Alone 2.

me and Sarah were watching it and it was almost over, but yet again someone changed the god damn channel while we were watching. so not happy. gonna snap at someone next time lol. anywhooo. all ready for bed now. big day of tours tomorrow I think. night!!

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