Day 234

Howdy Ho Neighbourino!

woke up at the same good ol’ time. went downstairs and finished off our toast. then we headed out en route to Times Square!

got there, and went to buy our tour tickets for the Sightseeing NY tours. it was $12 to upgrade our Explorers pass to get all the tours. don’t know what happened but the lady serving us gave me & Victoria $12 change out of $8 so that was a bonus. LOL.

went & got on the bus, it was only the top deck of the bus, no option to sit below. & only half the bus top was covered. so Sarah & I sat up the front in cover while Victoria & Ashley went back further to take photos.

it was so cold. like too cold to look around at everything, but we saw the main things. oh, by the way. yesterday we saw a taxi hit the front corner of his car bonnet on the back corner of a tow truck lol truck was fine but the taxi lost some paint. ick. and tonight we saw police pull up infront of the subway & run down the stairs, not sure why.

after our first tour of Downtown that went for ages, we were FREEEZING. so we got off & went to Macys! the largest store in the world! we had lunch in there, and then spent hours looking around.

finally we headed off into the cold again to go on the night tour. got on the bus & luckily we all got seats slightly undercover. started off well, super cold, but well. Sarah & I were SO COLD. we got to stop at Grand Central Station! so I’m super happy about that. we got to go inside & walk/look around. it’s pretty epic. I wanted to do the whole freeze thing but no one would join me lol.

we spent about 15 mins there then went back to the bus. not everyone got off at the station so when we returned someone had taken mine & sarahs seats undercover. so we were stuck out back in the cold. and my god, it was cold.

we went by a building that said it was 29 degrees farenheit. which works out to be -12 celcius apparently. so obviously we were so damn cold! Ashley gave Sarah & I her new jacket she’d just bought to help us stay warm. so that was a life saver. couldn’t feel our fingers or feet. so bad. spent over an hour in it 😦

after the cool, but super cold night tour we got off again in Times Square & waddled our ice cube bodies to the Hard Rock Cafe! got there but turns out it was closed. not sure why. I think it was full, or maybe it had special people in there…. weird.

anywhoo, we ran to a cafe thing & got hot chocolates. then headed back to the subway to go home!

got off at our stop & Ashley and I got Subway for dinner. mmmmm subway. so good. great food haha. came back to the hostel, showered, ate. good stuff. and now were heading to bed apparently. so yep. I’m off! last day here tomorrow, gonna go to Ground Zero tomorrow I think, that’s what Sarah wants to do. so I’m down for that. then were gonna do the Brooklyn tour.. then chuck e cheese maybe! we’ll see! really wish we could go to the Z100 Jingle Ball concert tomorrow at Madison Square Gardens!! ugh! alrighty! night!

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