Day 235

the trips coming to an end! D:

woke up at the same time this morning as we have been all week in New York. we got ready, then walked down to the diner that we had breakfast at a few days ago. the Brad Pitt one lol.

had breakfast, then went outside where we farewelled Victoria as she was heading home today instead of tomorrow. and then there were 3!!

we jumped on the subway, headed all the way down to Chambers Street and walked down to Ground Zero, the World Trade Center site. there’s a lot of construction there at the moment as they’re building the “One World Trade Center” there. but we could see the general spot and the gaps in the ground which are supposedly memorial sites, though we couldn’t work out which was what….. :S

we then walked down to Battery Park where we saw some more squirrels which came right up to us! Ashley got a churro and Sarah and I fed a little bit to the squirrels. so cute, they came right up to us and put their hands on our hands to get the food. it’s like they’re really tame and just love coming up to people. it was so cool!

then we jumped on the bus tour for Brooklyn & off we went to Brooklyn! we crossed the Manhattan bridge, saw a really nice view of the Manhattan skyline & the Brooklyn bridge. learnt a lot about Brooklyn on the tour and then headed back to Battery Park. it was so cold yet again on the tour and even colder when we got off!

we were too cold to bother with the Uptown tour so we headed to the subway, got on, & headed towards Harlem to go to Chuck E Cheeses!

now, Google maps clearly failed me cause we did what it said to and ended up about 26 blocks off of where it actually was!! so there we were, walking through the streets of Harlem, feeling SO out of place & awkward.. it was very creepy… eventually we found Chuck E Cheeses & we were happy again!

I had found some coupon things on the site and had it open on my iPod cause we couldn’t print them out. the manager served us luckily & let us use them. all was good in the world. we had a large pizza between us & drinks & lots of tokens. we even bought extra tokens with another coupon.

we played heaps of games, had heaps of fun! it was good. Sarah hit a jackpot on a game and won 1000 tickets. she’s insane! then when we went to get prizes the guy just gave us a bunch of stuff even though we didn’t have THAT many tickets. but all was good!

anywhoo. we have to be up really early tomorrow to get to the airport, our trip is over. so sad. D: anywhoo. night!

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