Day 236


so after an epic three week adventure, we’ve all gone our seperate ways. although the day didn’t really work out properly for anyone!

I set my alarm for 6am this morning, was set to meet the other two downstairs at 6.45. instead, I woke up to Ashley knocking on my rooms door. when I sleepishly opened to answer she simply just said “are you serious???” it was already 6.45. oops! rushed so fast to get ready & downstairs.

got downstairs, checked out. turns out they didn’t end up booking us a taxi so off we went to the street to flag one down.

got dropped at La Guardia airport at the Delta terminal for Ashley & Sarah. I then said goodbye & made my way over to US Airways terminal. got all. checked in & off I went!

got to Washington, hung out with the President for a bit, then boarded again en route Dallas!

landed in Dallas-Fort Worth, was picked up by mum, Monte & Jordy then we headed over to a cowboy boot store. it was clearly obvious I’d entered Texas!

so many people trying on boots, so many boots & cowboys. it was intense! Monte got some boots too.

drove back to Justins house in Arlington where were staying the next few nights. we didn’t stop long cause we headed off again to go to dinner at this place called “ITZ” we were all excited cause the place had just reopened under new management or something & new name.

unfortunately, it was shithouse. it’s spose to be like a giant Chuck E Cheese type thing. although it was a fail. the games were all a rip. so many games I played didnt give me my tickets. and they were all so overpriced. it was depressing to say the least. needless to say we were all shitty.

in the end we took our revenge by Monte grabbing a big plate full of food & taking bites out of it and just leaving it. oh, it was a buffet too just so you know. Kahni Jordy & I also tried all the drinks, tipped em out etc. major food wasters but eh.

we eventually left with handfuls of brownie pieces, just cause. didn’t even want to eat them all so Kahni & I threw bits in the parking lot. all was good. LOL. Chuck E Cheese is SO much better value!! considering it for tomorrow 😉

in other news, Ashley & Sarah didn’t make it back to Vancouver tonight due to a huge blizzard in Minneapolis. they’ve ended up in LA for tonight. sleeping in the terminal. sucks for them. and I have no idea where their bags are cause they went to Memphis without them! go figure! more on this story tomorrow hopefully!

currently were watching Its A Wonderful Life or something like that. not too fussed on it, kinda bored. eh! off to sleep after this. night!

    • g-ma
    • December 11th, 2010

    If anyone is ever stuff in LA AIRPORT try “Relax Lounge”, from memory it was around $5 an hour, extremely pleasant, with by now I would think the promised showers and toilets. Free internet connections, complimentary biscuits, teas and coffees. Was in the third terminal, however check online for current location/s.

    • g-ma
    • December 11th, 2010

    Yes you have to be ‘stuck’ not ‘stuff’

    I have made a brief check online and it now appears to cost $25 for three hours….

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