Day 237

Oh wow! Blogging again finally from a computer and not my iPod! It’s amazing!

Anywhoo! Today was a really slow bludgy day. No one else got up really until after 11…….. I was up though for ages, and the internet wasnt working so I just played iPod games haha. Exciting stuff..

Finally everyone got up and then we seriously just sat around watching “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” on TV.. exciting. It got a bit boring after awhile though, it was like a marathon of it. Eh! Then we watched Balls of Fury, then finally we headed out for dinner just after 6..

We went to Poncho’s mexican place for dinner. Kahni and I said it felt like school, cause you get a tray and a cup and go down the line picking what you want lol. I said it felt like the American school I never went to. HAHA. It was weird, but then after you get the first serving, it’s all you can eat and you just raise this little flag on your table, someone comes over, then you tell them what you want! All is sweet.

I really liked the bread dessert thing though, can’t recall it’s name for the life of me, Monte knows. They were so good! Mmmm! Might even beat brownies for a dessert…?!?!

Anywhooo, came home, everyone watched the Cowboys game, which they lost.. Fail. And now everyone’s heading off to bed really. So I’m blogging now then going to head to bed. Driving up to Arkansas tomorrow, time to see the rest of the family! Exciting stuff. Wish I could Foursquare the whole way… LOL. K, night!

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    • December 18th, 2010

    Just revisited

    I don’t like these no comment pages

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