Day 238

So we left Texas today, we estimated that it would take us 9 hours including stops.. considering it was only technically a 6 hour straight drive lol. So off we went!

I tried to sleep for most of it, didn’t really work. But it didn’t feel like that long, with all the stops, somewhat sleep, music, etc! So all was good. We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Greenville (I think that’s the place we were at?) and we had lunch there. Was pretty good. Couldn’t beat the jumping pin game thing though, I’ll get there!

We got in to Mt Ida at about 8pm, went straight into Crysti’s house, said hi and what not, sat and talked for abit.. then we all headed up to the shed. The place is a lot different to when I last saw it, still lots of dead beetles & spiders though, you should see the bath tub 😐 We’re also not little kids anymore, so the bunk beds are ridiculously tiny! Tomorrow Kahni & I are going to pull them apart & make two single beds. Stuff not having space in the room, it’s uncomfortably small!

I also have some weird bumpy rash on my hands and a bit on my arm, it’s super itchy and has spreaded since earlier today :S kinda concerned. I hope it doesn’t turn out like a rash I had once all over my body that started on my face and I was super swollen.. cause yeah, that would suck. Sigh! I don’t think I’ve eaten anything out of the ordinary today or yesterday that would have caused a food allergy.. so I dunno. 😐

Anywhoooo, the tiny bunk bed is calling. We’re going to go try and get a christmas tree tomorrow, hopefully they still have some nice big tall ones! Nighty night!

    • g-ma
    • December 18th, 2010

    and here I am again – revisiting!!

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