Day 239

back on the iPod again but frankly right now I don’t care.

had the worst sleep ever last night. couldn’t breathe. felt like death. it was so bad. haven’t felt this way in ages.

I’ve been wheezing all day long. mum reckons it’s allergy induced asthma from all the stupid Asian lady beetles. imma kill those things. seriously.

anywhoo. went out today to IHOP for breakfast, then to the place to buy our big chrismas tree from. then we went shopping at walmart. after walmart we went back to the tree place to collect the tree we’d picked and homeward bound we went!

went out again tonight for Kennys birthday dinner. we went to Coltons or something, it’s a steakhouse. they had super nice bread.. mmm!

after dinner we dropped by walmart, again. still managed to buy 2 carts worth of stuff, we’re terrible. bought a vaporizer for the room so hopefully I can breathe tonight. also got new sheets, pillow & blanket. this better help!

unfortunately, we still have no water! Jordy managed to have a bath somehow with very little water. we can’t even turn a tap on to brush out teeth. it’s bullshit really. so not cool.

anyways, gonna go wheeze my way through the night. laters!

    • g-ma
    • December 18th, 2010

    here I am again

    a little like that garden gnome

    Jess you didn’t take my frog?

    Far too cold over there!

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