Day 240

woke up feeling way better today. the Zyrtec, new sheets & vaporizer worked wonders! I was pleased. I had cereal for breakfast. it was amazing. i’ve missed cereal!

we still had no water, so Crysti drove me down to hers to have one there. afterwards Taylor said Crysti was sick so we walked back up to our place instead of driving. it’s not that far really. we took the shortcut through the foresty part.

we all watched some TV for a bit, decorated the Christmas tree an what not. gotta set up my little village tomorrow too… Crysti eventually came back up with the rest of the kids after they’d gotten home from school & mum needed a shower by then so she let Kahni drive her, me, Taylor & Lyndsey down to Crystis. Taylor then turned the car around while we waited for mum. she asked us to go back & get her razor so I drove us back up the hill, then down again. Taylor turned the car again, and Kahni drove us all, including mum, back up to the house!

then I felt like playing Monopoly, so we did. except the board up here was missing parts so we drove BACK to Crystis and got their Cowboys Monopoly lol.

played that for awhile before dinner, which we exteded our table for. it was pretty cool. had 10 of us up here eating. had tacos. then after we had cake which was for Kennys birthday which was yesterday. we etched Criminal Minds and then the others headed back to their place cause the kids have school tomorrow and were falling asleep.

so now I’m off too, laying in bed with the vaporizer going. hope it kicks in soon. I felt my breathing getting worse while on the couch watching TV. it sucked. laters!

    • g-ma
    • December 18th, 2010

    Ah! so day 240 was also a blank as far as comments go

    Cristi drove you? She loves you older sis

    Hi Taylor

    All you, that I have not met, come online!

    • g-ma
    • December 18th, 2010

    Should have said

    She (i.e your older sis) loves you

    Hi Kenny

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