Day 242

well well well..

basically spent the majority of the day watching House, Greys Anatomy & Unsolved Mysterys..

eventually tonight we went into Hot Springs. the rents has Red Lobster for dinner & Kahni and I went to the mall & had some food there & went looking at the shops.

all the kids there reminded me of late night at Robina… scene kids tryna be cool and what not haha.

after the rents picked us up from the mall we went over to Walmart where we shopped & got all Jordys xmas presents out of the way! but he was the easiest to shop for.. sigh. wish everyone would just write me a list! it’d be so much easier!

spent awhile in Walmart. eventually finished up & headed home. when we got home however, it turned out we had no power! naturally, I was only concerned cause I still needed to blog! we went down to Crystis house to get Jordy but they were all sleeping cause no power so we came back up. Monte went to bed too cause there’s not much else to do.

the rest of us, sadly, were waiting around in hope! then suddenly it all came back on, so thankfully I can blog my pointless blog! da-da!

anywhoo, that’s that. and now I’ll be off. it’s too late for me to bath 😦 I’ll have one in the morning. night!

    • g-ma
    • December 18th, 2010

    No water? then no electricity?

    Ah ha prophet of doom, are you speaking about the future?

    Mind you, maybe then we return to the ‘Simple Life’

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