Day 244

Again, watched movies most of the day.. I think the day started off Jordy was watching Nickelodeon.. Then some other boring stuff.. yeah.. exciting!

I made pancakes for breakfast/lunch while Kahni & Mum painted. Such a good pancake maker 😉 After that we watched some movies, whatever was on.. Then tonight mum, Monte & I headed out to town. We had Cracker Barrel for dinner. After dinner we sat in the rocking chairs & played checkers, Monte was helping mum the whole time.. he walked off for a second, came back, and mum had lost of her pieces. LOL. I won, naturally!

After that we went shopping at Walmart. Bought lots of stuff, as you do. Christmas shopping.. After shopping for ages we headed home. Now we’re home, watching TV.. exciting. Anywhooooooo.

OH! Mum was talking to me more about the carnival idea thing.. really keen on it. Gonna plan some of that stuff this week maybe, I dunno. We’ll see what I feel like doing. Anyways, I’m off now. Night!

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