Day 245


Woke up, watched whatever Jordy was watching on TV.. I think it was Pokemon actually? I dunno. Anywhooo, Crysti said she was going into town, so Kahni and I got ready and tagged along with her & Lyndsey.

We went to a bunch of stores, first off we went to Old Navy, Crysti got a bunch of stuff, Kahni & I bought $1 gloves, it came with 2 pairs. So we got that each lol, what a bargain. Then we went over to T.J. Maxx, walked around, yarda yarda. Then headed over to Lowes I think it was next.. Had to return some tiles for Monte. Then got the right tiles, and some other wax ring thing, and some buckets, whatever else we had to get..

THEN we headed over to this place called Ryans for lunch. On the way there, Lyndsey said how Crysti had gotten sick once there from the crab salad. As we pulled up, there was an ambulance out front with its lights flashing. Instantly we started joking about the crab salad. LOLOL. It was good fun. The person was okay, not sure what happened though but they were just out front talking, writing something down, whatever.. I dunno. I was saying we should walk by and say “Hey, did ya try the crab salad? that’s happened to me before too..” LOL. Crysti was like DO IT! But I didn’t ahahaha. Anywhoo, we ate there. It’s like all you can eat, but we were all pretty full after the first plate.

After eating we headed over to the mall. Went to Spencers, then Crysti went into the body shop, Kahni went to Hot Topic, and Lyndsey and I went to Game Stop to play the Xbox 360. They had the basketball game there, it kicked my ass. I pressed the button to shoot the damn ball and it didn’t friggen work! I wasn’t very happy, the computer beat me 22-4 I’m pretty sure..  So I wasn’t pleased!

After Game Stop we met Kahni in Hot Topic, then found Crysti outside. We left the mall and headed off to the Dollar Tree! EVERYTHING WAS $1. I love those shops! Obviously Kahni does too, cause she spent $24… so she’d bought 23 items. HAHA. I only spent $5 lol. After that, we drove over to Walmart!

At Walmart we bought all the normal stuf you buy at Walmart, like guns.. Yeah, Kahni convinced me that we should get BB guns.. We got airsoft BB guns, they’re not as fast, don’t go as far, and aren’t as hard… Basically it won’t pierce the skin, so the man said. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN KAHNI CAN SHOOT ME! D:

So that’s what we’re doing tomorrow haha, shooting cans! 😉 Thankfully, Walmart was our last stop on our shopping trip.. We were all pretty tired by then. So we headed home. On the way home we stopped over at this place in Crystal Springs where there’s like an old train, a train station, a jail cell, all this random stuff this man with too much money buys and puts there.. So we hung out in the jail cell ahaha. Finally we got home, had dinner, watched TV. And that’s that.

The lunar eclipse is on tonight apparently, so I guess I’m staying up for that..  I dunno, I’m pretty tired, we’ll see. Anywhoo, I’m off now. Night!

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