Day 246

So I failed at seeing the main part of the eclipse last night, fell asleep.. ah well. Next time, I swear 😐

Naturally I slept in more this morning cause I was so tired from my attempt at seeing the eclipse, so when I finally got up, came out to the couch, watched TV.. whatever was on really. Crysti came up, and eventually took Jordy down to her place. So while she did that I got all the christmas presents out from hiding and mum & I wrapped them up. Now our tree has some presents πŸ™‚

Kahni finally got up and wanted to go play with our new airsoft BB guns, so we went down to Crystis place where Taylor had a target thing set up for his BB gun so we were shooting at that and whatever else was around. One rebounded off the slide and came back and hit me in the leg ahaha. Didn’t hurt too bad, was a kind of sting. They’re plastic ones, not metal. But still..

Anywhoo, we eventually went inside and watched Eclipse with Crysti on pay per view. Then after that we came back up here and had dinner. Watched whatever was on TV for a bit until we sent Jordy to bed, then we put on Zombieland! Watched Zombieland, lol’d at it. And now it’s midnight, yep! Going to head to bed.

OH, and for those of you who have no idea what to get me for christmas, (aka mum & everyone who asks mum) I don’t really know either.. but I started thinking of anything I could that’s simple enough and this is what I came up with:

– An electric drum kit … πŸ˜‰ yeah, I know.. shh. It’s always on my wishlists. Jordy says Santa will get it for me..!
– A really good epic rubiks cube wouldn’t be so bad either, I need a smooth and fast one.. Super duper!
– A 4×4 (or 5×5) rubiks cube wouldn’t be too bad either, it’s another challenge I haven’t ever tried haha. Google it!
– FLAGS! Really into flags lately, I’ve got my Aussie one that people at Big W got me before I left, and I bought a Route 66 one on my USA trip, so I’m thinking flags from places I go/have been would be cool, like obviously a USA & Canada flag, Texas, NY, Arkansas, California, I dunno, wherever there’s a cool flag maybe?
– Some DVD’s would be alright too I guess.. There’s a lot of movies I haven’t yet seen lately, new ones like Easy A or The Social Network, Catfish, I don’t even know what else has come out lately.. So behind on my movie skills.
– I’d even be down for some DS games maybe? Yeah I’ve got the thing where I can download whatever games I want, but sometimes the versions you get in the download aren’t so great, like my Grand Theft Auto China Town Wars one keeps freezing up & corrupting unless I save it and turn it off very frequently.. Sims 3 looks alright too, for DS or computer (..does it even work with Windows 7?)
– I would also LOVE my carnival business to be up and ready to roll πŸ˜‰ that would be a great present!

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I guess that’s a start! That’s a nice compiled list of some basic ideas for me I guess, at least it’s something. I do need another suitcase now to get everything home too.. except I was thinking of getting an onboard one, but it’ll fit just as much as my backpack, and I can’t even take the backpack AND the small suitcase as carry on.. so really, I’m screwed. LAME.

Okay, really, I’m off now. NIGHT!

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