Day 247

Woke up horribly sick this morning, I’d kept waking up through the night with a sore throat, and finally when I actually got up it was pretty bad. I was still so tired I wanted to sleep more, but I’m starting to feel like every time I go to sleep I get sicker. So I went and sat on the couch, joining Jordy while he watched Nickelodeon.

Spent pretty much all day on the couch, watching horrible cartoons. It was terrible! Finally later in the afternoon mum said we were going out into town, so off we went.

Went to Walgreens first, got medicine and what not. Then we went to some Mexican place for dinner. After eating we went to the mall. Monte & I are both sick so we waited in the car, thinking they’d be quick. I don’t know how long they actually took, but I know I went to sleep twice..

After the mall, we went to Walmart.. of course! I was feeling pretty tired and sick again by now, so I went in, had my own cart, and got most of the ingredients for my vegetable lasagna I’m making for Christmas. The rest were off getting presents and stuff.

It was very busy in Walmart. The lines were annoying. Just eh. I saw Monte in line so I waited for him then we went back to the car. I stayed at the car and Monte had to go back in. So I was waiting in the car for awhile before everyone was finally all back in. Mum & Jordy took ages, we were all falling asleep waiting haha.

Then we drove home, and now we’re at home. I’m still super sick. Gonna go take more medicine & head of to my dreaded bed! Hopefully I can wake up feeling better, not worse 😦 We’ll see!

Anywhoo, night!

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