Day 249

It’s Christmas eve! Or Christmas day in Australia, where ever in the world you are, it’s basically Christmas!

Still super sick today, hardly have any voice. Spent all day on the couch watching lame shows with Jordy. Tonight, for Christmas eve, it’s basically tradition.. we open most of our presents on Christmas eve. So we all went down to Crystis, had dinner, played Clue, and then they opened all their presents and we opened all ours from everyone there. After lots and lots of presents being opened, we cleaned up, then everyone headed up here to our place for the second round of present opening!

We didn’t open all of ours, we only opened a couple really, we’re leaving most until tomorrow. 🙂 Oh, we also rang Dad today, so I spoke to Dad & Grandma on the phone. Haven’t talked to them since I left. By voice anyways I mean. So that was cool.

I’m still super sick. I basically have no voice 😦 I think I’ll wake up tomorrow with no voice left at all, ugh, that will suck! It’s really sore to talk. I hate it. Dislike being sick! Eh! Anywhoo, going to go to bed now. Gotta get Jordy to go to sleep too.. He’s hoping to hear Santa tonight…..


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