Day 250


Jordy woke up at about 7am and ran out screaming presents. I was yelling out to him to try and stop him.. but after awhile I realized I had no voice! sucky. thanks a lot, Santa!

anyways, we all got up & went to the lounge to do the present openings. opened all our stuff, then basically went back to bed!

woken back up about half an hour later to go down to Crystis for breakfast. we had pancakes & hashbrowns. still voiceless, it sucked.

I played Clue with Lyndsey. we tried to play scrabble too, it failed. we also played 99 bust. oh, I was also vsing her in Mario Kart, then Kenny took over & I was kicking his ass too. I think I just win 😉 I did all this with no voice haha.

they gave me some thing they concocted to drink, to help my throat. I think it did help a bit, but it was gross. LOL.

came back up to the house, watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy with mum & Kahni. then made my vegetable lasagna. om nom nom.

Justin & crew showed up around 6.30 then the rest of the family all headed up with food. we had like 17 people here in our shed for Christmas dinner. we tried to say Grace, all standing around holding hands in a huge circle.. one of Jordys Kung Zhu pet hamster toys was making noise randomly the whole way through, needless to say we all giggled endlessly. I was crying trying not to laugh. so bad!

everyone ate, talked, hung out, whatever. and then they all headed off. mum, Kahni & I are watching more Sons of Anarchy again. don’t know how into it I am, it’s interesting but it’s not “WOW”ing me… we’ll see lol

anywhoo. it’s late. probably going to head to bed soon. sick as. still voiceless. it sucks. only got a few more days here, woah.


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