Day 251


so I woke up to Jordy playing with his toys loudly in the room today. couldn’t tell him to shh cause I have no voice, again! sucky.

laid on the couch for half the day feeling so sick still. it sucked. eventually this afternoon we all decided we were going to head into town. so off went 3 car fulls of us to town!

went to the mall first. I got Sarahs present, looked for the 4×4 rubiks cube at the store but they’re still out :(, looked around in Hot Topic and yeah. also bought a 5 piece suitcase set for me & Kahni to lug our stuff home.

after the mall we headed over to Starbucks, then to Walmart. took back some returns we each had, bought other stuff as you do, then we all waited awhile for each other to all finish up and get through the lines.

after Walmart we went to Sonic for dinner. ate there in our cars cause that’s what you do at Sonic and yeah lol.

then we came home, I attempted to pack my stuff with my new addition carry on. and failed. still got excess stuff! guess I’m just going to have to use another bag for checked baggage. sucks. gotta pay for it. ick. it’s Ashley & Sarahs presents & Elmo slippers that are taking up all the space! ahhhh!

anywhoo… tired now. gonna head to bed. think were going to the movies tomorrow? not sure. night!

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