Day 252

Still sick. It sucks. Pretty much spent the whole day laying in bed playing my DS. I thought if I just did nothing all day and relaxed it’d help my cold & make my voice come back. Still no luck. It’s the same as the past few nights, it comes back somewhat and then I must abuse my privalege to talk, cause it’s worse the next morning. So I’m sure I will have no voice again tomorrow 😦

Anywhoo, everyone was up here today. We all had breakfast and basically just all chilled here all day. Tried packing again, I think I’m really screwed for that. D: We just watched The Runaways. Good movieeee. Third time I’ve seen it lol.

So my iPod has this horrible screen, it’s a USB with an arrow pointing to the iTunes icon, I don’t know what the hell it means.. but I can’t do shit about it because I don’t have MY laptop with iTunes.. This sucks major ass, going on a 6 hour flight, WITH NO MUSIC. What the hell am I going to do? I don’t like this at all. Seriously pissed off. I’m sure I’ve lost everything. Which is total bullshit. Cause I don’t have it all anymore, and then I’m going to have to pay for all my apps again! Ugh. Bullshit. Seriously. *sad* Screw you, Apple!

Anywhoo, going to go try and sleep now I guess. Last day here tomorrow. Night!

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