Day 253

boo! blogging from my iPod for the last time. and yes, I fixed my iPod! yay! just in time too!

anywhoo, had a horrible sleep last night. it sucked. this cold and breathing thing is just crap. voice was better today though, but still not great.

we all went to downtown Hot Springs this afternoon, discovered exactly why they call it, “Hot Springs” lol. went to some bath houses. pretty interesting. downtown was interesting. haven’t seen that part of Hot Springs before.

we went to some diner place to eat, it was interesting.. kinda gross as well. the lady kept ignoring me for a refill 😦 haha fun times with the whole family!

then afterwards we said our goodbyes to Justin & co & went to Books A Million. hung there awhile before heading to Walmart for last minute supplies before Kahni & I leave.

came home, said goodbyes to Crysti & stuff incase we don’t see them in the morning. came back to the house & packed my bags and yep. now the blog. I’m happy I’m down to one bag instead of two checked 🙂 thank god! anywhoo gotta go sleep now. leaving super early. night!

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