Day 254

Honey, I’m home!

Yeah, I know right. Oh my. Back in Vancouver! Oh boy!

Anywhoo, after a shitty failed attempt at sleeping last night due to being sick, I was up by 6am to get ready to leave for Little Rock. I managed to finally get Kahni up at about quarter to 7.. We didn’t end up leaving until 9am though D: Crysti, Lyndsey & Tessa came up to the house right before we left and said goodbye and stuff again, so that was good.

Drove up to Little Rock in the pissing rain.. went to Chuck E Cheeses!! Yay! Haha good fun. We all had a heap of fun there. Kahni & I played Guitar Hero heaps and had so many kids watching us, saying we were really good etc lol it was funny. Didn’t do so great in the ticket scoring department though, but it was fun nevertheless!

After Chuck E Cheese’s we basically had to head straight to the airport where Kahni & I checked in and said our goodbyes and off to the terminals we went. I got pulled up for my backpack in security checkpoint, I think it was my whole wad of coinage that they “couldn’t see through” and had to check. lol it was weird. “Anything in here that I should be concerned about?” I’m like uh, not that I’m aware of..? But eh.

Anywhooo, sent Kahni off at her gate then went over to mine which was delayed like 20minutes or so. It wasn’t really delayed, just took foreverrrrrrrr……. then I got to Denver and I was at gate 88 or something, and had to walk all the way to friggen gate 33! Eh! Such effort!

Landed in Vancouver, 0 degrees – but it’s not raining so it really isn’t that bad! I like it! There’s snow on the ground too, hopefully more snow will come overnight?? Can hope I guess. I got in about 20minutes before we were due to land in Vancouver, so I was there before Ashley & Sarah arrived to pick me up. I waited over by the food area, so I saw them walk in. I was going to go walk over to them and surprise them, but my bags were too heavy.. So I just sent Sarah a facebook message saying “I see you” LOL. I’m sneaky.

Got the train home, then the bus, and yep! Home! Opened some presents and stuff from each other. Ahahaha. Funny. I didn’t get Hercules a present! Oh no! Lol. OH! I just went to pull my laptop out before from under my bed and I saw it and thought “that’s not my laptop????” but it is… I’m just insane.. Ehh, anyways, I’m SO tired and sick feeling right now, so I’m going to go collapse… Night!

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