Day 257

OMG! I like, haven’t blogged since 2010!! I’m so last year!! Keep up!

Anywhoo! I did get to go out last night, so I’m glad about that. Sarah & I ended up going downtown to this small art gallery/club thing that Nerissa was going to. I figured we could just get a taxi from Lougheed station or something if we missed the bus, because really.. it’s new years eve, and who cares about how late we can be out just because the damn bus? So we hung out there with Nerissa. That was pretty cool. Got to catch up with her, seeing as I haven’t seen her in like over 6 weeks! She insists I don’t come back to Tisol, because she doesn’t like it there and says “why would you want to come back” haha! But then she said I should come back as part time, so she can go part time too, and we can share the hours. Fine by me! I only want part time!

Anyways, Vancouver is pretty pathetic for celebrating new years eve, no fireworks, nothing. So I’ve decided next new years has to be much better. I want to see some damn fireworks. If I’m back in Australia, I probably might like to go to Sydney for it. Michelle was there in Sydney for it this time and she said the fireworks were amazing.. So I’m definitely keen to see that.

As for today, the first day of the new year! We headed out to North Vancouver to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was only $15 after 4.30, but basically $30 for the day time.. So we got there and decided we’d wait a bit, so we went for a walk around when we came to the Capliano park. There was this really cool like water feature thing that had almost completely frozen over. We thought it was so cool, we probably spent a good half an hour there just at this little pond.

We were just looking at it when a bus driver pulled up at the lights next to it and goes “stand on it” and I said back “but wont it break??” and he shouts out “stand on it and find out! haha!” as he drove away. LOL. So…. we did. We took baby steps out on to it. It was so cool! Totally could have ice skated on it, or maybe not.. We didn’t all want to stand on at the same time just in case lol. We threw rocks at bits just to check how frozen it was. We only stood on the parts that were entirely frozen over! Don’t stress …. mum.

It was pretty cool! We really liked it LOL. Who cares about the suspension bridge when you can have so much fun freezing your fingers & toes off playing at a frozen pond!! After we had enough fun standing / walking across it (I acted like I was Kriss Angel walking on water), Sarah and Heidi decided it was time to throw rocks at the not so frozen parts, and try and put a hole in it. Took plenty of rocks and wasn’t really until a huge rock was found that it cracked it majorly lol. After that we were too cold to care anymore, and had red burning fingers, so we just headed back to the bridge!

Got in to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, walked around and saw all the stuff they had to do. The bridge was pretty cool! So very very very high up, and it was a long bridge.. it was so wobbly. It was really wobbly towards the ends the most actually and people were literally being like jolted around it was kind of concerning considering you’re on a bridge and so high up.. It felt like we were on a boat actually with extremely rough seas and trying to walk! It was weird as. It was really cool though, this is the bridge all lighted up for Christmas..

Pretty cool!

After we saw pretty much everything there was to see there, we headed straight home because we were super cold and hungry. We finally got home, had dinner, and that was that! Sarah & I had nachos for dinner, they were great. Om nom nom.. I want more haha. I’ve also decided I’m going to be like Sarah, and try to watch a movie ever night. I’m not going to try a 365 movie thing too haha, but while I don’t have a job, I may as well make the most of my spare time and catch up on all the movies I’ve been wanting to see! Haven’t picked a movie for tonight yet.. but I’ll go find something. I also brought Hercules out for a play tonight, I had him sitting in my lap while I was on my laptop haha, he kept trying to dig into my shirt and he was nibbling and licking it, had to get him off! Haha! Anywhoo, this blog is much more exciting than ones recently, it has photos!! I’m trying people, I’m trying! Night!

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