Day 259

You’re all going to be quite bored with this blog.. I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am. Haha! That’s the problem with sharing a room with Sarah, it’s like a sleepover every night. The ones where you don’t sleep cause you’re just up talking or something! So, needless to say, I didn’t wake up until about 11am lol or possibly after that..

When I got up I decided to watch the movie Catfish. It’s the one about a guy who meets a girl and stuff online and talks to her over Facebook etc and then his brothers document it all and they end up going to see the family and stuff and it’s really weird haha. What a twist! It’s a true story, apparently..? It’s pretty cool. It’s like a documentary on the whole thing lol I liked it. It was interesting! And weird! Haha!

Later today, I decided to watch You Again. That was alright.. not too bad. I expected it to be funnier, but the only real funny bits was whatever Kristen Bell was doing lol everything else was pretty average. Kristen plays the dorky kid in high school and the girl who “single handedly ruined her life” is now marrying her brother. But yeah, it was okay!

I was going to find another movie to watch, but I couldn’t be bothered at this point. So now I’ve just been listening to music and being bored! Wanted to go to Value Village today, but Sarah couldn’t be bothered, she wants to go tomorrow lol so I guess we’ll do that. Gotta get some snow stuff for Wednesday!! It’s apparently supposed to snow 5-10cms of snow by Wednesday morning. That’ll be cool! But it’s supposed to rain allllllllll week, so that’s crap. I really hope Wednesday is an okay weather day so we can go to Cypress Mountain! Eh! We’ll see!

Oh, and I also need to find myself $1000 to buy an electric drum kit.. Found a couple on craigslist! Someday… Anywhoo, gonna go find something to entertain myself with. Bye!

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