Day 261

Snow Day!!!

Woke up wayyy too early for any of our likings, got ready nice and slowly in our sleepy daze. Put on heaps of layers and eventually set off for the bus. It was a really crappy weather day, but we’d decided to go this day because Heidi got the day off just for it…….. but in the end she didn’t even come. And the past few days were suchh perfect weather! Would have been great then! .. Eh!

Anyways! Stupid rain. We had to take a bus, train, bus, bus, then shuttle bus.. When we got up to Mount Seymour the rain had become snow.. lots of snow! When we stepped out of the bus we basically just sunk into the deep snow. We were only planning to go tubing today, as we hadn’t really prepared for a full day of snowboarding cause we thought Heidi was coming and stuff… but yeah, anywhoo! Went to the snow tubing part, it was kind of a hike from where the bus had originally dropped us off. It cost us about $18 with tax for 2 hours of snowtubing, and we got our tubes and went to go slide.

However, the rain that had turned to snow, had now turned to ice. And it already hurt bad just standing it.. So when we went down the hill really fast, no goggles and nothing… it BLOODY HELL KILLED YOUR EYES!!! It felt like tiny little shards of glass just stabbing you so badly. I couldn’t do it. I went down the hill the one time, and that was it. My eyes were just watering, so badly. Not to mention how frozen my toes were from wearing just runners, which so aren’t waterproof at all! I went and sat at the top of the hill, and this family of Aussies from Brisbane also ended up hanging out around there. The man and his older son both were saying how it’s too harsh to go down without goggles on, so they were all sharing their goggles around.. Ashley & Sarah braved the glass shards though and kept sliding, so instead I gave back my tube and headed back to the warmth of the cafeteria.

Got myself a hot chocolate! Expensive though, but worth it. And as I waited for the other two to finish up I kept people watching, and watching cars outside keep getting stuck in the snow and needing lots of pushes. Saw some cars sliding around big time accidentally because they’d get stuck. It was pretty crazy really! Exciting though, I liked it haha. Although I could have easily done that without paying the $18 to slide down a hill once…

Either way! All was good. The girls came back, got hot chocolates and food, then they went and made snowmen and I waited inside for them. I was too warm by then to want to go back out. Eventually we headed home, and after all the different buses and what not to get home, we finally made it, soaking wet. Day well spent though!

We’re planning to go back up there on the next perfect sunny day to go attempt snowboarding! Really excited for it, although hopefully now I’ve learnt my snow lesson and will be more prepared for the freezing wetness! At least when we do snowboarding you get the boots in the rental costs.. so I guess I won’t really need to worry about the shoes then! Thankfully! That was my biggest problem really. Got to get a bigger jacket to wear, with a waterproof hood too.. cause my hoodie sucked for staying dry. But either way, it’ll work out I hope.

We watched the Peoples Choice Awards tonight, Queen Latifah got a bit annoying.. no offense to her.. Haha! Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow, who cares really! I like doing nothing! It’s grand! Anywhoo, night!

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