Day 263

Went out to New West today. First we went to the dollar store and got some random things and what not, then we went to the bank, then the veggie store to get stuff for lasagna, then off to Safeway.

We bought almost $130 worth of food – $113 after our Safeway club savings 😉 the man at the counter asked us if we wanted a hand to the car….. when we told him we were walking he was like “well… at least it’s not raining.” LOL and some women in line said something too but I didn’t quite catch it.. At least we’re stocked for food now for awhile! Hopefully..!

We lugged all our food to the WIND store so I could get credit, then crossed the road and waited for our bus to come get us.. When we got home it was just starting to rain and starting to get dark. We unpacked all the groceries, sat down, then I remembered that we forgot ricotta cheese.. kind of important when you’re making spinach & ricotta lasagna…. So Sarah & I ran back to the bus, jumped on the next bus, and went up the hill. We figured we’d just go to Choices food market up the road instead of Safeway, that way we could go to the post office too before it shut.

Sarah had to mail something off, so I took that chance to mail the book that Mum gave me to send.. that’s apparently for Grandma’s friend?? I dunno, but I just sent it to that address I was given! Didn’t write anything else, so that’s done! We got the ricotta, then we walked home. It’s not that far of a walk, it’s just no point walking up the damn hill when we still have a valid bus ticket to get the bus up it lol. Walking down the hill is easy!

When we got home Sarah, Ashley & I started making the lasagna. There’s this cooking schedule apparently where one night say Ashley & Sarah will make something, and then it’ll be those leftovers the next night, then the night AFTER that Heidi & Dom are spose to make something to last two nights.. etc. Last night was technically Dom & Heidi’s night, but there’s never really enough for leftovers there.. so we just made the lasagna tonight. If you couldn’t tell, I’m on team Ashley & Sarah lol.

That’s pretty much it for the day, Sarah’s asleep early – or trying to anyways, she’s working tomorrow. Ashley and I are going to meet her after work then go to Value Village to try and find snow goggle things for  Monday! Exciting! I’m going to go finish watching Vampires Suck now, night!

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