Day 265

Hi hi!

Today we started off pretty slowly and cruisy, just hanging haha. Ashley came in here and we were just being the lazy people we are for pretty much half the day. We grilled our cheesy bread stuff with cheese and tomato, mm so yum. That was brunch kinda.. at 1pm. Eventually we got up and got ready and headed out to go to the other Value Village in Coquitlam! I’ve been there before, I knew it was one of two bus stops… but I got the wrong two, I was one off, and needless to say, we ended up on the wrong bus. LOL. So we got off, and walked back to the station, where we finally got on the RIGHT bus and finally got to Value Village!

I found an Xbox there for $9.99, I was going to get it until I learned it had no cords at all, so that was a fail. Sarah got some snowboard goggles too, so now she’s got boots & goggles & I got nothing yet! Shame!! We’ve finally decided that we’re going to go up tomorrow night for the whole “girls ride free” thing at Mt Seymour on Monday nights! By riding free, they mean the ski/lift pass thing… not the rentals, so we worked out if we buy a snowboard on Craigslist for $50-$100 then we basically pay off the rental fee in two free Monday night trips up there! So we’ve been searching all night! Hopefully we can get some replies in the morning so we can go pick something up! Then we have to go to Value Village again, both or either one, and find me some goggles! And snow boots! Such effort! lol but hopefully we can get it all done tomorrow in time to go up the mountain. AND we have to go to some place to pick up the girls ride free voucher too.. Effort!

Anywhoo, we watched “He’s Just Not That In To You” tonight, funny movie lol. Going to go shower now, night!

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