Day 266

What a day…

Woke up, not early enough! I couldn’t really get to sleep last night, I think I was up well past 3am, then I was up again today just after 9.. Heidi put the dishwasher on and it woke me, so I was up.. Sarah got up eventually, but still hadn’t received any messages back from the people she’d emailed about snowboards.. so we figured we’d wait because we’d have to pick it up when we go do everything else so we waited.. and waited.. I kept watching what else popped up, and when I saw one come up on craigslist I emailed it for her and in the end that’s the one she got! I had mine already sorted out last night/this morning!

So we eventually left home, probably around 1.30? Went to New West and went to the bank to get out some cash to buy our boards! Then we jumped on the bus and went to Value Village in hope of finding some boots & goggles for me! No luck there, so we decided we had to go to the other Value Village in Vancouver that we’ve yet to go to! But by then it was already after 2, and we were supposed to meet the girl to pick up my snowboard at 3pm, so we headed over to the station where I was to pick up my board, met up with the girl. She straight away asked me and Sarah if we were twins? 😐 When we said no she was like “But you’re related, right?” LOL. Uhh… No? But yeah! We got the board, and it came in a case/bag and everything, yay! It was so awkward to carry around LOL felt like I was going to take out everybody!

We jumped on the skytrain, then on to the bus en route the other Value Village. A man on the bus started talking to us, he asked me what instrument was in my bag.. he thought it was a really super long guitar, but no, sorry mate, just a snowboard. Then he was like “you sound like you’re from England” sorry mate, Australia! Then he went on about the floods.. then he started saying “that’s not a knife, this is a knife!!” he was a bit special..

Finally we got to Value Village, went in, no goggles unfortunately.. was kind of bummed.. tried on some snow boots that were there but the only real pair there were too small and so uncomfortable! I was pretty disappointed, but then I noticed a trolley behind us where I was trying on the shoes in the corner and it was full of snow boots! So we asked a lady who works there if they were for sale or not, and she told us that she thinks they’re sold or being held or something like that.. So that was lame. Then I tried on another pair that also failed… Then another woman who worked there came over to talk to us and she said go for it, take whats in the trolley, it’s seniors day tomorrow that’s why someones trying to hold them but we’re not allowed to hold anything over night!! So take it!! Then she was telling us about how she used to snowboard when she came to Canada on holidays back in the day haha!

Lucky she said we could take those ones, cause I found a pair that fit nicely and were only $19.99! The others were all $34.99! Yay! They’re comfy, besides the awkward angle that snow boots make you lean at. But that was good! In the store we pulled out my board so that I could put my shoe in the bindings to make sure it fitted, and when I pulled the board slightly out of the bag/case thing, I found goggles!!!! The chick must have just thrown them in there as a bonus! SCORE! Just my luck really!

So we got out of there, jumped on another bus, and headed down to the store where we had to get our vouchers from for free riding up the mountain tonight! Then we got on another bus and had to head up to North Vancouver to find the house where we were getting Sarah’s snowboard from! What effort. But we got that, and she’s super happy with hers LOL. She keeps telling me that mine is horrible compared to hers…. Meanie!!

We finally got home at probably about 7pm, ate dinner, then got a call to go up and talk to the land lords so we did. We figured already by this time we were way too late to go snowboarding, so we’re gonna go next week… sigh!!!!! But at least now we have all the stuff! Anyways, went up to talk to them about the rent issue, kinda got that resolved… just got to sort it all out now tomorrow with Sarah… hmm! We’ll see!

What else… Oh, they invited me and Sarah out too cause they were going down the road to the Rogers video store as it was closing down and having a massive DVD clearance sale. Not much was left really, but we got a couple of things! Then we came home, and yeah! Watched Pretty Little Liars with Ashley tonight. Going to watch The Human Centipede tonight…. ick! Haha!

Sarah and I also tried on our snowboards tonight.. LOL. They’re so heavy! And I was sore already just standing in them! It’s like half squatting, for ages! This is going to really ache! What a work out…

Pretty cool! Fun stuff!

Anyways, going to go have a shower now I guess! Night! Oh, by the way, hope everyone’s getting to high ground for the floods!

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