Day 267


I don’t think I got up today until well closer to 12pm πŸ™‚ Good sleep catch up! Then I had breakfast, and when I finished.. Ashley came in asking if we wanted our cheesy bread with tomato & cheese again……. sooo I had that too, yum! I finished watching The Human Centipede this morning too, such a gross & retarded movie.. Just.. So.. Weird..

I cleaned and re-did Hercules’s cage today too, I took off the pointless top level that was never going to be attended to in order to make it connected.. so I just took it off, and cleaned his cage and he’s all set now. I’ll just use the top bit for storage or something in my room maybe? I can make it into a shoe shelf?! Haha!

All clean!

We went down to New West this afternoon to check out this house.. it was the basement suite unfortunately.. we’d hoped it wasn’t lol but eh. It was kind of a low roof, we fit fine, but still a low roof. Other than that it was actually pretty interesting, we did like it. Such a good location too, so convenient.. but doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get it unfortunately. They also said no Hercules 😦

After looking at the house we went to Safeway and got some candy, then we jumped back on the bus and headed home. Ashley made “killer garlic balls” for dinner, like at the restaraunt in LA that we liked! They were pretty yummeh! The rest of dinner was just left overs haha. Today was pretty average though really..

It started snowing probably just over an hour ago? I’m not too sure.. but there’s a lot of snow outside! So we went to play, again! It’s pretty much 1am now, I was out there with my snowboard πŸ˜› It’s hardly a hill, but it’s a slight slant.. so I went down it LOL. Had to push myself along, but it was fun! I think I’m going to enjoy this!

So fun! LOL

Anywhoo, that’s it. Laters!

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