Day 268

Even though I was woken up just after 9am, I went back to sleep until closer to 12pm when Heidi randomly came home. She got sent home from work because of all the snow outside, they were closing due to lack of customers. So everyone was here today pretty much.

I was watching some YouTube videos of the floods in Brisbane, it was so weird seeing Southbank basically all underwater. And hearing from lots of people about heaps of places that are just gone. I’ve heard Maccas & KFC’s and stuff can’t get their stock in so they might have to close. Same for the universities, they’re pretty much all underwater, so uni applications have been put on hold. Even QTAC can’t release anyone’s places for acceptance. And then banks are down because of it, we know Sarah’s bank was down today anyways. I even heard people in NSW/VIC who’s internet companies run out of QLD had no internet. Just insane really..

So I decided to watch the Social Network today, been waiting to see it. I actually really enjoyed it. Such an interesting story. There was one line in it that I liked the most “Harvard under-graduates believe that inventing a job is better than finding a job.” I totally agree! I should be at Harvard I think. Makes me really want to get started on the carnival.. So true but. Either way, great movie. Anyone who’s a avid user of Facebook should check it out. Or any social networking really.. Or anyone way overly smart…

Chilled out for the rest of the day, we made nachos for a late lunch. And we had more killer garlic balls for dinner! We also watched Donnie Darko tonight, man that was a trippy movie. Seriously just, woah. Takes a lot of thinking. I think it’s more of an interpretation movie? I dunno. I saw it one way though, Sarah saw it another. Ashley was just confused lol. It can really be taken numerous ways..

Other than the movies, nothing else exciting today. It’s late now and I’m really tired again. Head hurts from over thinking Donnie Darko. Going to head off to bed now. Night!

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