Day 269

Hey hey!

Another boring day on the Canadian front. Pretty much hung out all day in my room, on my bed, watching and doing stuff… as per usual! Seriously, boring! I kept up the job hunt, applied for some more things.. as I do every day, just usually forget to mention.. I’m currently watching Sex & The City 2, it’s going on foreverrr…. Makes me miss New York though! What a place..

I got back in to my whole wanting the Worlds Largest Rubber Band Ball again. Emailed a few places, sent out pleas for sponsors, etc! Now we wait. I think my carnival idea is probably going to happen first.. Sigh! But either one is good, I’m fine with that. Maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow, write up a basic business plan for the carnival?? Yeah, sounds good.

Anywhoo… I had cereal for dinner tonight, don’t judge me. I didn’t have it for breakfast! So I figured it was okay for dinner. That plus the milk expires tomorrow so I thought it was best to finish it off tonight.. And that’s it really. Off to keep watching the movie now then head off to bed. Night!

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