Day 270

Lazy day, yay! Actually no, it wasn’t as lazy today..

So last night we stayed up really late.. Sarah, Ashley & I were up until closer to 4am. We weren’t even really doing anything exciting, just talking and stalking the internet and so forth! We had chips and salsa too as our midnight snack, we’re exciting! Haha!

So then we were supposed to sleep in well today! But I was up just after 11am, because Heidi’s laptop was doing the annoying beeping thing again. I wanted to throw it at the damn wall. Far out. But anyways, that was that, and I was up! When I got up I watched Get Him To The Greek. Pretty funny, but it wasn’t as amazing as everyone had made it out to be.. So that kinda sucked. I had high expectations!

This afternoon we went out to the shops to get some more food, I swear, all we do is buy food! I don’t even recall eating it all.. So we went to Safeway and the fruit & veggie store, bought a bunch of stuff, then carried it all home.. When we got home dinner plans failed and it ended up being a “make your own dinner” night. So Ashley, Sarah & I had wraps! Yummeh. I want another one.. haven’t had them in so long!

We watched Jeepers Creepers 2 tonight aswell, Dom refused to watch it, because he’s a scaredy cat. Not even kidding lol. He’s never going to live that one down… And that’s pretty much it for today! Tomorrow we’re actually venturing out for dinner, oh my! Heidi and Dom have decided they’re going out for dinner, and they told us tonight, so we said fine we’ll go out somewhere too. Done and done!

Anywhoo, I didn’t get around to writing my business plan for the business, my bad. Tomorrow maybe? Haha. Night!

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