Day 271

So I stayed up late again last night, by myself. I was talking to mum about the whole carnival business idea. Totally started a business plan and heaps of planning and looking at things, it was good progress! I think I got to sleep around 3am.. then I randomly woke up at about 8.30am, and struggled to get back to sleep. I eventually got up just after 12.30pm, and I got straight back into the business plan!

Did heaps on it, got pictures of games, descriptions, some basic costs, worked some things out, heaps of work! It was good. I worked on it for hours lol. Then later this afternoon I was bouncing it back and forth with Mum with more ideas and what not. So yeah, progress!!

Tonight Sarah, Ashley & I headed out to White Spot for dinner. Heidi and Dom went out for dinner somewhere else on their own, so we figured we’d go to White Spot. Sarah had been craving their burger for ages, she wouldn’t shut up over it lol. So off we went! I had the pasta, it wasn’t really that great.. Totally should have gone to Boston Pizza instead! I was invited to the Tisol staff dinner party! Even though I’m not still staff, nice gesture! Good people! Haha. But no, I went to White Spot instead lol couldn’t ditch my friends!

Since we got home we’ve just been chilling here. Ashley made a super cool logo for the carnival thing. I like it! Trying to work out the colour situation on it however. It’s pretty epic though, haha, epic, get it? LOL. 😉 I’d post a picture of it, but I don’t want to jynx or spoil it 😛

Anywhooo… that’s it for the blog. Night!

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