Day 272

Hmm, just looking at the day count, it feels longer than that.. but I guess when a whole year is only 365 days, it’s a lot.. It’s also my Mum’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday Mother! ..Is it weird that every time I type Mum, I feel like typing Mom instead.. ?

So it was a pretty chilled day today, I was up super late again, don’t even remember what I was doing now lol think I was doing some HTML stuff?? Eh. I woke up around 10-10.30am, hardly enough sleep. So I laid here trying to get back to sleep, but it wasn’t working. Once I’m up in the mornings, I’m up! D:

I watched Let Me In today with Chloe Moretz & little Aussie boy Kodi Smit-McPhee. It was alright. I expected more from the trailers though.. but still, it wasn’t too bad. Kind of keen to see the original “Let The Right One In” now.

Ashley sent me more ideas for a logo this morning, so that was cool. Having a vote on Facebook at the moment for which logo is better lol, guess we wait and see! So exciting. I attempted making a site for it today, but I really have no creative layout ideas.. It’s sucky! It’ll come to me soon, hopefully!

I cleaned Hercules’s cage today, how exciting haha. Highlight of my day, not! We made mini pizzas for dinner, they were good! Mmm! Haven’t had mini pizzas in so long! That was exciting lol. But even more exciting was the banana smoothie I had tonight, yum! We watched some Supernatural tonight too, they always watch it every night, but I decided to join in tonight too for an episode or two lol.

But yeah, not much exciting happening at the moment really. Snowboarding tomorrow night! Yay! I’ll let you know how it goes, if we finally make it up there! It’s supposed to rain, so that could be horribly annoying, we’ll see. Night!

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