Day 273


I slept in this morning, because that’s what I do! I was up late applying for some more jobs, still no luck in that region.. The day seemed to go pretty quick considering I was up around 12.30, breakfast by 1, then we were making lunch/dinner closer to 4pm so that we could head up to Mt Seymour!!

Sarah and I packed on all our layers of clothing, and we headed out for the bus. We aimed for the 4.30 bus, but didn’t make it so we got the 4.55 bus. On the train, this older man, slightly weird and hard to understand, was talking to us about snowboarding and skiing, and he said something about how he should be the guy interviewing for Global TV so that he could be interviewing us right now because everyone has an interesting story or something.. I dunno, something like that.

Then we got on another bus, then another bus, then we’d just missed the shuttle to the mountain by 5 minutes, and the next one wasn’t for another hour! So we waited outside A&W, drank our orange juice, had some fries from A&W and just waited.. Finally it came, we were freezing by this time from sitting on the ground. By now it was 7.20pm, and we were finally getting up the mountain!

Got there, got our free passes, and didn’t know what to do! We saw everyone going down the main hill, but it so was not beginner, it was pretty epic. We totally couldn’t have done that hill, so we found a tiny tiny tiny hardly even a hill area behind the cafeteria where this lady was teaching her daughter how to use the ski’s, so we figured we’d go a trial run down there too.

It was pretty cool! Obviously we fell over when we wanted to stop at the end. The lady gave us some tips and pointers and suggested we go get our bindings slightly angled a bit more, she also told us how the man who did the adjustments in the store was a “pretty cute Australian!”. When we got inside and spoke to him about our bindings, we realized he was actually Irish… I have no idea how she thought he was Australian.. But he adjusted our boards, and while he was doing that the lady came and in was all “so have you guys spoken about your country together yet?! Tell him you’re Aussie too!” We were both just like uhhh…. but he’s not even…. LOL.

Funny times.

Went back out to the tiny excuse for a hill, tried again a few more times. Good fun. Then we saw some people going down this other hill that had not many people on it, and Sarah insisted we just go for it. We were at the top of it, went to put our bindings on, and I said something about the hill, and these two people next to us said “It’s not so bad!” and I said we’ve never done it before! Then they both just looked at us like “this slope??” and I said no, snowboarding in general! They both then strongly advised us to NOT go on this hill, it was definitely not a beginner hill lol and so they pointed us in the right direction for the easy hills!

We walked over to the rope pull hills, and went down. It took ages to actually get to the end, because we kept falling. Well, Sarah kept falling mostly. I think I caught on to the basics pretty well, still have trouble with stopping.. I just throw myself to the ground lol. Sarah was on her butt a lot.. But eventually she got to the end LOL. Then we had to get the rope pull back up, and unfortunately we were on the “fast” side for the rope pull. Now, if you’ve never done a rope pull, then you won’t understand how difficult it actually us! You stand there, one foot tied into the board, the other just standing on the board, and you hold on for dear life as it pulls you up the hill! It’s not that easy! I fell off once on the way up, but I made it on the 2nd attempt.. Sarah had several fails, and ended up walking up. LOL. Poor Sarah 😛

We decided we’d go on the “slow” side the next go round, even being the slower easier side, it still took us ages to actually reach the bottom. I didn’t want to go off ahead and leave Sarah, although she said later that I should have! Haha! But I kinda got the glide part down, once I work out stopping I’m set! The hardest part is definitely standing up from being on the ground with the board attached lol so not easy.

After we got to the bottom it was almost 10pm, so it was time to go! We got the slower rope pull back up, then walked back to the shuttle bus pick up. It took ages, and we were freezing when just standing there not doing anything. It was a tiny bus, instead of the normal full sized bus! People were standing with their boards even. There was a bunch of girls drinking on the bus cause they were heading into town, one of them happened to be Australian and said something about a “sanga” (is that how you spell it?) as a sandwich.. The others laughed at her, and then she asked if there was any other Aussies on the bus. Naturally, we came forward LOL. She asked us what Aussies call them, and I agreed.. Just to be Australian! Even though I don’t think I’ve EVER referred to a sandwich as a “sanga”

Anywhoo, we all got off at the shopping place where the shuttle bus goes to, and the only bus to come by there was every hour, so we waited, and waited, and waited. It finally came at 11.30pm, everyone got on, and then we headed to the exchange where we jumped on another bus that took ages to leave.. Finally got to a skytrain station just after 12am, got the train to Lougheed, then waited for the bus, finally got on the bus.. the driver was busy chatting when we were supposed to leave at 12.38am, but eh. Finally we got home, I guess around 1am.. So sore and tired now. All showered and warm, ready to go watch tonights episode of Pretty Little Liars, and then head off to bed! I’m going to have some huge bruises tomorrow, I can feel my knees swollen! Haha! Night guys!

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