Day 275

Everyone had a crappy nights sleep last night, pretty sucky. So I’ve been up since about 8.30 this morning, that’s not including the times I woke up at 4, and 6. Sigh! Heidi and Dom also left this morning to go to Niagara Falls, so lucky them!

Anywhoo, I watched episodes of RUSH all morning, yay! Missed that show! Then at about 1, Ashley emerged from her room and we decided we better get ready to meet Sarah at work by 2.

We jumped on the bus, got off at New West, went inside Waffle House & waited for Sarah to finish.. Then we went to Blockbuster to swap our DVD rental over, got some free popcorn too thanks to my SPC card! Yew! Then we jumped back on another bus and headed to the skytrain station. We had to go to Surrey Central station on the skytrain, then jumped off there, got on another bus that we had to sit on for almost an hour to get out to Langley, just so we could go to Chuck E Cheese’s!!

Yep, dead serious. We did. LOL!

Good times, good times. We got those cool little card print out things of all our faces in it, we ended up being cheerleaders, firefighters, and pro snowboarders! We each kept one, I kept the snowboarding one πŸ˜‰ We didn’t get as many tickets as last time in Harlem, cause they didn’t have that game. But it was still lots of fun nevertheless!

Came home and Sarah pretty much went to bed. Ashley and I were chilling in her room discussing uni stuff, and Aus day in Whistler! But my battery on my laptop was going flat, so now I’m back in my room going to head to bed.. Might watch another episode or two of Rush actually πŸ˜›

Oh, so remember back a few months when I said they were filming a commercial at Tisol for something? Well I went and tracked down that video at like 1am, and now I’ll share it with you all πŸ˜› Please do try and spot me in my like 2 seconds of fame. The other girl is Nicole. Yep! Here it is! Enjoy, and good night!

    • g-ma
    • January 23rd, 2011

    I saw you! behind the counter

    Was that Hercules?

    • Nah that wasn’t hercules, that was another hedgehog from the rescue. A little girl hedgie, I wanted to take her home and foster her!!

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