Day 276


I didn’t get woken up by Sarah’s alarm this morning, so that was good. But I kinda remember her saying “Hey Jess, it’s snowing.” lol so when I finally actually got up closer to 10, I went out and had a look. It was snowing heaps, but throughout the day it turned into rain and it all just became gross slush outside.. Wasn’t very pleasant.

So, instead of the plans I had to go out and do some stuff today, I stayed home and watched some more episodes of Rush. Really addicted to it at the moment haha. Half way through season 3 😦 We also watched some movie called Diggers tonight when Sarah was home. It has Paul Rudd in it.. but other than that it was a really weird, and kinda boring movie. Then I went back to watching more Rush.

We all made something individual for dinner, pretty simple. And that’s that really. Another boring day, I know. I need a job.. Hopefully it’s not so bad out tomorrow and I can get down to Lougheed and try to hand out some more resume’s. We’ll see I guess.

No one said anything about my TV ad thing! I’m pretty sure no one reads my blog anymore for 2011, haha! I don’t blame yous! Night!

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