Day 278


Today was a super lazy day.. I got a new cereal yesterday with Ashley and  I tried it this morning. It’s not so bad, like it’s edible.. but it’s not like ‘OMG I want cereal so bad’ worthy.. It’s Fibre 1 something something, so it’s apparently really healthy. Haha! 52% of your daily fibre… yep. That’s 52% up on my original cereal apparently..

What else did I do today… I worked more on the business plan and costings spreadsheet.. what effort. It’s coming along though. Also researched more stuff, all the exciting parts to a business lol. Eh. Along with all that, I watched more episodes of Rush and ate another cupcake or two..

And that’s it really for my day, it’s been super slow and lazy, but what’s new. Really hope I get a job some time soon.. I have been applying D:


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