Day 279

Today was pretty crummy, it really was.

I managed to sleep in thankfully, got up around 12ish, had my cereal, then yeah.. Wasn’t very exciting. Had no Rush to watch 😦 So I listened to music all day and watched youtube videos.. Sarah came home with another DVD called Accepted, cause it has Justin Long iin it, so we watched that. I’d already seen it, so eh.

I had soup for dinner, cause I’m cool. My 67c can soup from Walmart. It’s great. I could live off it I reckon. Haha! Listened to more music tonight.. and I’m going to go and watch Love & Other Drugs I think..

Was going to get an Xbox tonight, but no one wanted to come with me to get it. So instead I’m getting it on Tuesday afternoon 😦 I’m home all day tomorrow alone, so I kinda really wanted it tonight. Sucky. Maybe I can just sleep all day tomorrow.. Haha. Eh.

Sarah’s also decided she wants to go to Six Flags, and wants to go to Dallas in June. Yet she doesn’t want to come to Warped Tour with me! >_< So I’m still on my own there.. Anywhoo, that stuff’s ages away, night!

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