Day 280

Really lazy day, full of movies & TV shows.. but I like it that way..

So I watched Love & Other Drugs last night, I wasn’t even sure what it was about, I just heard lots of talk about it.. So I watched it. Bit weird, totally didn’t expect to see Anne Hathaway in a role like that.. 😐

Today, I watched Black Swan. That was a crazy movie. Pretty intense trying to work it out, kind of confusing a bit too, but it all makes sense at some point! Good movie though. Also watched Pretty Little Liars, and Gossip Girl tonight, exciting stuff! Oh, and Sarah brought home Anger Management too, so we watched that as well. Think I might go watch something else tonight, but I’m not sure what just yet.. I’ll think about it haha.

What else did I do… I cleaned the hedgehog cage out, go me. I also went on a bit of a rampage with a sharpie & paper and left notes around the house……. Pretty funny.. Going to throw them all out though tomorrow haha. It’s weird being home alone again, it’s like there’s nothing to do and no one to talk to, so I go insane! They get back tomorrow night however. And by then I’ll have picked up this Xbox so I can play Halo with Ashley! Yay!

Nice and simple, easy & boring blog. Don’t hate me for it! Night!

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