Day 281


For some reason I woke up at 7.30am today and it sucked. I ended up falling asleep again though at 9.30 thankfully. Got back up at 11.. I watched The Switch with Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman, pretty funny movie actually, I quite liked it lol.

I jumped on the bus and headed to New Westminster just after 1pm. Went to the dollar store, bought new litter tray things for Hercules, got a little whiteboard thing for myself (no idea why.. LOL) I’ve decided I’m going back there in a few weeks to stock up on pens / notepads for uni next month, nice and cheap there. I also went to the bank to check my funds and get some cash out from my Aussie account as my Canadian one is going broke! Now after I pay Feb’s rent, I’ll have $60 left 😦

I met Sarah after she finished work at 2, then we jumped on the bus and headed to the Skytrain station. We got off at Royal Oak which is where I was meeting the guy to buy his Xbox!! All was good there, I was excited. I now own an Xbox 😉 Haha! We jumped back on the train, then on a bus, went back to New Westminster.. Then we went back to the dollar store cause Sarah wanted to get some things too. Then we went and waited for our bus and headed home!

When we got home, I went straight to the TV and set up the Xbox. Got that all working and it’s perfect! Sarah and I played Halo 2 all night. Stopped for food, such fun! Sarah started off not liking it too much cause she couldn’t understand how to get it to work properly, but now she’s got the hang of it and it’s fun as LOL.

Ashley, Heidi & Dom got home tonight too from their trip to Vancouver Island. They had fun. Tomorrow Ashley, Sarah & I are heading up to Whistler to celebrate Australia Day, in style! Very excited, getting our Aussie Pride on! Totally let you know how that goes in tomorrow night’s blog.. anywhoo, catch ya later!

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