Day 282

Happy Australia Day – Again!!

Last night, we got carried away and didn’t end up going to bed until after 1am! Unfortunately for us, we had to be up at 5am.. So when our alarms went off at 5am, we weren’t very pleased!

Got on the 6.15am bus, went to the skytrain, got off the train at Main Street / Science World where we walked over to Pacific Central station to get our bus to Whistler! We got there at 7am because the tickets said to get there an hour prior to.. There really was no need… Thanks a lot Greyhound D: Anywhoo, We headed over to the gate place at about 7.50. We were supposed to leave at 8am, but apparently the bus scored itself a flat tire! So we had to wait for another bus thing to come and get us, so really we didn’t leave until about 9am. 😦

The drive up to Whistler was so nice! Very scenic! I liked it a lot. Bit hard to get any good photos or footage of it though while sitting on a bus, so any attempt at that kinda really failed.. Really sucks! But we got a lot of photos of Whistler Village. We got there at about 11.30am, and we first went to the information place and picked up some maps and stuff.

Next we decided to just walk around the village and explore. The first gift store we went into, the lady asked us if we were going to go to Longhorn and party there, because apparently that’s where the Aussie Day celebrations were going down lol. So we decided we’d go check it out eventually when we got to that part of the village. We walked around heaps of it, it was pretty cool. We played on a playground, that was covered in snow/ice lol. I had Subway for lunch, and the other two had Quiznos.

Here’s a photo of one of the parts of the village, pretty cool.. it all looked like this!

It was really nice!

We walked around for seriously ages. My feet, ankles and legs are killing me because I wore my snow boots to keep warm, but the angle they make you lean on and they’re so heavy to walk in.. it was a real effort all day.. that’s my work out for the week!!

We kind of got bored eventually because we’d walked around so many times and were so tired and cold we just wanted to find a warm place to sit, but there wasn’t really many options for that!

The other Aussies celebrating there were all in full swing, saw a lot of people in shorts and singlets, they were crazy. It was freezing! We saw the Longhorn bar place where it seemed like all the Aussies were hiding in, we eventually went in there later in the night to check it out but by that time they weren’t really letting anyone into the inside part because it must have been full or something, so we ended up having to sit outside, and that wasn’t very exciting. It was too cold. Sarah went to go buy a VB, because it’s an Aussie thing… But they didn’t have any left. LOL. So that failed her plans.

We had some really nice pizza for dinner, it smelt amazinggg. I think the place was called Avalanche pizza. Yum! What else happened… OH!! Ashley accidentally left her phone behind outside the bathrooms, and didn’t notice until a bit later.. I rang it while she was searching her bag for it just in case, and someone did answer it! Uh oh! Then they hung up!! … So I decided I’d play drunk or something and scream out “ASHLEYYY WHERE ARE YOUUU?!” into the phone and call again… But when they answered this time it was an Aussie girl and she was like “Hi!! I just found this phone before, who’s is it?!” Haha. So we had to find a place where we knew where to go and how to get there to meet up with her to collect the phone lol. When we were walking into the area bit there was a lot of people, and we saw this one girl in short shorts & a crop top and yeah.. Cold much? Sarah said “Could she wear enough clothes?!” as we walked by their group ….Yeah, turns out this was the girl with the phone. LOLOL. Pretty funny. It was so lol-worthy when she came walking towards us. LOL.

There was some guys kicking an AFL ball around in the snow later in the evening, and then they kicked it on the roof.. and then tried to get up there.. oh my. They both stood up on the snowboard rack, which isn’t very wide at all! Then one guy lifted his leg so his friend could boost him up like that.. it was a fail waiting to happen, and it did, he fell onto the bar, one leg either side. HAHA. Pretty funny. So many people were crowding around at this point to watch, when he fell everyone was like “OUCHHH!” But then he got back up again, and did it again, and made it this time. So then he was on the roof, got the ball, stood up and put his arms in the air, everyone was clapping. LOL. This was like right outside from the Longhorn bar, so obviously all the Aussies were watching in support. Then it came time to get down.. They went to the other side of the roof so he could land in the snow part if he fell, a lot of people crowded around down the bottom, we thought they were all gonna try and catch him lol but instead he just kicked the ball out for them all. I totally wanted to go play!

I can’t think of what else happened really, I’m too tired to think, and my legs and head hurt now. Oh, at the bus stop tonight this guy saw our Aussie flag tattoos on our cheeks, then he started talking to us about tattoos, how he was tattooing people around the back of the building? And on the bus? With his home made tattoo gun.. LOL. He was obviously slightly drunk, which made it even funnier, because he tattooed some kids like that for their beers.. Yeah, crazy. LOL. He told us the story like 5 times, ahhh dear. LOL. That made the 20 minutes wait at the bus stop interesting though! Oh, Vancouver..

Anywhoo, I’m going to head off to bed now, super tired really. Night!!

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