Day 283


Woke up around 10.30am-ish today, Sarah had a job interview Downtown at 12.30 so Ashley and I had to hurry up and get ready to go with her. So we got up, got the bus, then train, then walked to where the place was on W Hastings street & sent her on her way!

Ashley and I decided to just walk around there for awhile. We decided to go find the flag shop on Powell street.. wasn’t very easy! We had to walk through East Hastings street… and that’s the street you want to avoid. LOL. It seriously felt like San Francisco bad area all over again! So dodgy! So we tried to get out of there as fast as we could. We couldn’t even be bothered to get to this flag shop in the end because we were only at 120 Powell street and we had to get to 1615!! So we gave up, turned around, and headed for Tinseltown.

Sarah finished up her interview by the time we got to Tinseltown so she met us out the front there, then we went inside.. but it really wasn’t that exciting. It’s basically the Chinatown area of Vancouver. Oh! We also tried to go into a dollar store around there, and some random dodgy looking guy at the front told us we had to check our bags, couldn’t take them into the store. Like he was in a little area where bags seemed to be, but still! So wasn’t worth it! For a dollar store! So we just left. LOL.

After all that we got back on the train and headed for Metrotown to go to the Canadian Superstore for some shopping. First thing we did when we got to Metrotown was go get some pretzels!! So yummy. That stuff is great! Then we headed for the store to do our shopping. Got all the stuff we needed, then headed home.

Got home, and that’s the exciting stuff really.. Ashley got a call from her Mum tonight with some not so great news, so Ashley’s North American trip is coming to an end tomorrow morning 😦 I’m going with her to the airport at 5am. It’s almost midnight now, so I’m not going to get much sleep, if any, but that’s fine by me. I can sleep tomorrow! Stuff cleaning!

Anywhooo…. That’s it really. Laters!

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