Day 284

Went to bed after 1am last night.. alarm went off at 4.15. But I wasn’t so dead tired that I couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed, I did alright I think. When I got up Ashley was already up and bags ready to go..

The taxi came at 5am, then off we went to the airport. Her flight was at 8am, and she had to be there by 6am. We ended up getting there at 5.30am (lesson learned on taxi time to the airport..) So we sat around for awhile. Eventually we just went up there and figured she’d try and check in, but then it turns out going to the USA isn’t international for them…….. go figure. So they sent us to “USA & international” instead of just international………. Annoying!

Anywhoo, got over there, checked in, then it was a weird set up, basically in order to put her bags through she had to go and go through customs & go to the gate etc. So I couldn’t go in any further with her. So we said our goodbyes and off she went!

I then went to head back home on the skytrain, it was still dark outside too. I got to 22nd St station by about 8am, jumped on the bus, and homeward bound I went. I ended up being on the bus that Nicole from work has to get to go to work, but her stop is only 2 before mine so we didn’t get to talk for very long before I had to get off 😦 But it was good seeing her again! Haven’t seen her since I left Tisol D:

When I came home I was hungry again, even though I’d had cereal at 4am, it was now almost 9am, and I had more cereal.. Then I tried to go back to sleep for a bit. I was up again by 12, and I had to go do some cleaning of the house because Richard was coming down in the afternoon to inspect for damages and stuff for Heidi & Dom leaving etc. So I cleaned stuff up and yeah, so exciting..

Sarah came home, we played Halo lol. Fun game. Richard eventually came down, we all talked to him for a bit, then when he left we had our dinners and that’s it really! Ashley’s room is very empty without her or her bed & stuff there, it’s such a big space now.. Don’t know what we’re going to fill it with!! Better get a ping pong table or something 😛 Maybe we should turn it into a mini home gym, haha!

Anywhoo… Gonna go watch tonights episode of Hellcats now, then off to bed I think. Night!

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