Day 285

285 days.. This means I’ve got 80 days left until I hit 365 right.. Crazy!!

I took the change this morning to sleep in and catch up on the lack of sleep from the past few nights. So that was good. Then I didn’t really do much all day, I applied for a few more jobs – most notable was the cinema. Kinda really hope I get that one, that’d be cool as.

I also entered a HEAPPPPP of contests and stuff online.. Like, so many. Trips everywhere, prizes, movies, all that stuff. I went a bit overboard, but whatever! It’d be nice if I won something! Haha! Wishful thinking..

I watched Mean Girls 2 tonight. It obviously wasn’t going to be as amazing as the original Mean Girls because Tina Fey had nothing to do with it! But it wasn’t that bad really, it was alright. It’s just another high school drama/comedy kinda movie really. Really had nothing to do with the original Mean Girls – except for “the plastics”.

And that’s it really for my day… I’ve got 50 free photo prints for Walmart.. So I’m trying to decide what photos I should print off.. Can’t really decide.. Such effort lol.

Anywhoo, I’m done! Laters!

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