Day 286


Today was just another plain old day, I watched Skyline last night, pretty crazy… Why does LA always get attacked in alien movies? Geez, Hollywood, you make me not want to live there in fear of an alien invasion! Good population control I guess?

I also started watching ‘It’s Kind Of A Funny Story’ today, but I haven’t finished it yet as we’re having some major slowness issues with our internet, and it’s REALLY pissing me off. It’s been like this the past few days but it’s just gotten beyond bearable today. I’m thinking of giving Shaw a call tomorrow and giving them some hell.. It’s just that bad, pages won’t even load properly because it’s so delayed and slow and cutting in and out! Ughh! That, or I wait until Heidi & Dom leave on Friday & see if that helps it a bit?? I dunno..

What else… I tried to make an egg sandwich today as I normally do, but both the eggs had a crack or a tiny hole in them so when I was boiling them it went everywhere, all gross like. Figured they’d still be okay as they normally are, but when I peeled the shells off them they were a really gross brown instead of white, like they’d been burnt, but it was weird? Kinda looked REALLY gross, so I tossed them.. What a waste!

I also tried to start another blog today for my movie count/list for 2011.. It’s going to be pretty pathetic, like this blog! But at least I’ll be able to keep count haha, so far I’m at 25 movies that I can remember.. I slacked off a bit when I spent days watching Rush & Gossip Girl & Hellcats & Pretty Little Liars.. My bad.

Nothing else really exciting here. It’s Monday tomorrow, hopefully there’s a  lot more job listings posted. I also really want to go snowboarding tomorrow, but Sarah doesn’t. But if we don’t go tomorrow we probably wont get any other chance to because of her new job (if she gets/takes it) soo gay D: She said she’d come up there & watch but not ride. Uncool. Just no. D: Maybe I’ll put a post out on craigslist for someone to come ride with me? HAHAHA… no.

Anywhooo… night!

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