Day 287

Here goes the blog, earlier than usual.. Cause Sarah is mean and said I have to blog right now so she can go to sleep.. Ugh! SARAH I WANT MY OWN ROOM!! Ahaha

Anywhooo…. Today was pretty lazy, I spent awhile just browsing the interwebs.. Oh, I spent probably 2 hours last night entering competitions and stuff online.. I need a life! Or a job?! I think both options would be great lol.

I also watched Life As We Know It today, pretty good movie! I liked it. Not much else really happened today.. Applied for a couple more jobs, eh.

Watched Gossip Girl & Pretty Little Liars tonight, gotta love my shows!

Sarah & I made our own kind of mac & cheese for dinner then baked it in the oven as well, turned out alright! Could have been cheesier though!

I’ve gotta go out tomorrow, get rent monies, get some food, maybe check out Value Village & the Thrift stores.. not too sure yet, we’ll see! I’ve also decided, I’m going to Ireland with Nicole sometime! 😉 Anywhoo, night!

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