Day 290

Boring post! You may aswell stop reading now..

I woke up at about 6am, couldn’t get back to sleep until closer to 8 😦 it was so hot in here. So annoying.. I got up again at about 11am.. Really didn’t do much exciting, it was really boring lol. Sarah ended up coming home just after 1am, they let her out of work early cause it was quiet. So we’ve all been home most of the day really.

We watched X-Men 1 tonight, cause Sarah’s never seen that before either! Gonna watch the other ones in the next few days too!

Really nothing else to talk about really.. It’s Heidi & Dom’s last night here tonight, they head off tomorrow.. Then I get my room back to myself again! HAHA. Kicking Sarah out 😉 lol!

I’m already really excited for summer in America.. yet to experience that, so.. yeah, kinda excited.. Even though it’s so far away, and I need a job and money to get to it 😦 but it’ll happen one way or another!!

Anywhoooo………. Yep.. Night!

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