Day 291


Heidi & Dom left today, off they go, back down under! The same time they left here, I headed out to go to New West to meet up with Sarah for tonights events!

But before Sarah got out of work, I went to Safeway & got the chocolate she asked me to get for her.. then I went to Blockbuster/WIND and spoke to our friend who works there lol she’s funny ahaha. Then a customer came to see her, so I left. Grabbed X-Men 2 on the way out so we can watch that..

Then I went and waited for Sarah to finish.. When she got out we went to Wendy’s so she could get herself some lunch before we went off!

We jumped on a bus and headed to the skytrain. Got on the skytrain & went to Edmonds station, where we then took a bus to Market Crossing! Market Crossing was a pretty cool area, had everything there. Tim Hortons, Subway, Nandos, Boston Pizza, Maccas, another Tisol!!!! AND the film studio was right across the street!! I liked it there LOL. Sarah said the old town set up they had at the studio there was “totally Supernatural!!” so she was very excited.

We grabbed a muffin to eat from Tim Hortons, then headed over to the studio where we were off to see a new TV sitcom show with a live audience – Mr. Young! It’s about a boy, Adam Young, who graduated school when he was 9 years old, and now at 14 years old he’s come back to his old school as a teacher to teach science.. I’m not going to say anything about the episode they filmed tonight lol. But it was very cool to see how it was all done!

It’s not an amazing show, I’ll agree on that much. But it is live, and it’s for kids obviously. So it was good in that sense! I really enjoyed watching how everything was done set/film wise. So many takes of each scene for different angles and effects. I noticed a lot of times though errors in it like how people were holding things or what not when they were repeating each scene or doing close ups etc etc.. Maybe I should do that as a job lol, spot the small details for continuity! 😉

Between each take, there was a guy who entertained the audience.. Played lots of games, gave candy out as prizes (as well as signed cast photos), AND we all got pizza for dinner! I also had a bathroom trip with a group of other people, because you have to go in groups so one of the “page” people (audience helpers) can walk everyone outside in one lot. That was interesting. We walked by the cast tables/area out back, saw a lot of extras just sleeping with their heads on the tables, some doing home work, some watching stuff on their laptops.. Poor kids haha!

But all in all, it was very interesting to see! I definitely want to go again, next week maybe? 😛

Oh, and when we were waiting for the bus to come home, one of the guys from that episode was waiting for the bus next to us, and he was asking us questions about the bus and stuff LOL pretty funny. I’m guessing he’s not in many (if any other) episodes, he’s not listed as part of the cast or anything.. So I think he may have just been a one off thing? Still cool though!

And yep, now we’re home, Sarah’s asleep – she’s got work tomorrow. And she’s in her own room now, YAY! I haven’t had my own room/slept in a room on my own since November 11th! Crazy, right?! I hated sleep overs because I don’t like sleeping with people around…….. This was tough! LOL but I survived, and now I have a lot of cleaning and room arranging to do tomorrow.. Sweet.. Gotta clean up a lot of the house tomorrow too.. Yeah… Fun!

Anywhooo, night!

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