Day 293

It’s Super Bowl day!!

Which means, I didn’t end up doing anything! I had planned to go to the Canadian Mint place & “strike” my own free rabbit coin for Chinese New Year! But… Instead stayed home to watch the Super Bowl lol.

Sarah and I decided we’d go for a team each, I didn’t really care who I was going for.. She was happy to go with the Packers, so I went for the Steelers.

Unfortunately Canada didn’t even get to watch the Super Bowl ads! So I wasn’t happy! That’s the main reason I was watching! LOL. The game was pretty good, interesting to watch, I think I’m slowly picking up on the game..

In the end, the Packers won 31-25. Steelers so could have won if they’d gotten just one more touch down! 😦 Haha, unlucky… But it was pretty good to watch.

Then we watched the new Super Bowl episode of Glee tonight. Funny stuff. Good Thriller mash up too.

Sarah bought a pumpkin pie yesterday to try, finally had it today.. She didn’t really like it lol. I don’t find it that bad, it’s not amazing, but not terrible. Edible definitely.

Now I’m about to go watch Morning Glory. I shall return tomorrow. Night!

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