Day 295


I had a phone call this morning, it was a job  interview thing. Like a pre-interview over the phone. Then when it came down to asking me to come in for an interview tomorrow, she asked if I was coming via transit or driving.. When I said transit & didn’t have a car she was like “Oh, this job position requires full time access to a car, sorry!” And that was it.. Sigh!!

So then I didn’t do much else for the afternoon, I watched a lot of TV. Jackass, Ellen, Oprah, Hellcats, New Music Live, Glee.. Good stuff haha. Sarah’s out at her training thing & waffle house again. It’s the last time though, she’s not going to do it tomorrow.. She says the rejection is too harsh door knocking LOL. So there goes that job.

I made some Kraft mac & cheese that was in the cupboard for lunch today, it was whole wheat………….. it was gross. I couldn’t even eat it all because it was just gross. Neverr again!

Oh, I also watched the Justin Bieber Never Say Never “Purple Carpet” premier on livestream tonight. Like, everyone showed up. It was crazy. Only 2 other premiers have ever been held at that location, Twilight Saga: Eclipse & Michael Jackson’s This Is It.. So, Lucky Biebz.

And yeah.. not much else really. I’m watching The Good Wife at the moment, bored. Laters!

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