Day 296

Evening.. Or morning? Wow, it’s almost 2am… My bad!

I actually set my alarm this morning, I know! Shocker! McDonalds was having a promotion thing today and tomorrow, where you get one of their new buttermilk biscuits with bacon, egg & cheese, or sausage, egg & cheese. Think the McMuffins, but instead of the muffin, it’s buttermilk biscuits! Like those ones we have with the Bisquick stuff! Mmmm..

So I went and got mine, cheese & egg. It was….. interesting. I certainly wouldn’t pay $3 for it, that’s for sure. I love the biscuit, don’t get me wrong.. but egg and cheese belongs on the McMuffin, NOT on a biscuit… That stuff needs butter & jam, only! So that’s my verdict anyway.

After my free breakfast, I headed over to Safeway.. I wasn’t happy when I realized the price of milk has gone up $.50c in the last week or two! I’m big on my milk, and really wasn’t happy about the price increase! My box of cereal was also $5 for the smallest box, not happy. I paid about $7 for the largest box two weeks ago.. I skipped out on the cereal this time, I’m going to get it tomorrow from the Canadian Superstore instead!

Next I hit up the fruit & veggie store, left with what I needed.. But I’ve now realized I forgot broccoli! Dammit!

After my shopping adventure I jumped back on the bus and headed home before my bus ticket expired! Pretty average shopping trip. I came home and watched some more Jackass. Didn’t get to watch much of Ellen because Sarah came home & we put on Happy Gilmore instead. Funny movie, haven’t seen that in a long time! Sarah pointed out a statue in there, which we recognized from Stanley Park! Didn’t even realize it was filmed here! We also watched X-Men: The Final Stand.. ALSO filmed in Vancouver! This place is grand, really!

We played Halo for a few hours. That was fun. Halo is really exciting LOL. I don’t know what we’re going to do when we finish the game though. Might have to teach Sarah how to play the NHL 2006 game, or just keep playing it myself.. I learnt a lot about hockey playing that game the other day haha! Pretty cool!

Angie and Erika skyped me tonight, that was cool. Apparently Erika is taller than Angie now, I’m scared! I did say though when I left that I was going to come back and she was going to be a giant! HAHA! Funny kids. Kind of can’t wait to see my friends again..

Anywhooo.. I should probably think about getting to bed now, I don’t know how it hit 2am so fast! Night guys!

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