Day 297


I think I forgot to mention yesterday that I woke up to an email saying I’d won one of the many contests I’d entered on my little spree a few weeks ago. This one got me some cool headphones & a Billabong T-shirt. It’s good, cause I needed new headphones! The total value of this prize is apparently $150. So I’m hoping they’re some pretty sweet sounding headphones! Hopefully the mail comes fast!

Anyways, this morning.. I woke up to another email saying I’d won something 😉 I was excited. This was a contest I participated in yesterday afternoon. It’s a WIND contest, the 120th person to correctly answer won a $100 Ticketmaster gift card. I think it took a few hours for it to hit 120 answers, I waited, and counted, and waited.. Patience was definitely virtue. I actually thought I was one off because on my count I was 151. So I guess someone else must have messed up or double answered, but I won! So I was super happy!

That’s $250 worth in prizes in the past two days 😉 Naturally, I felt good!

I actually didn’t do a whole bunch today, I made a yummy breakfast because I still don’t have cereal, and I think I listened to a whole heap of music. When Sarah got home, we watched the second Riddick movie. I wasn’t that captivated by it, I think I was kind of bored. I’m also really tired because I went to bed late & got up WAY too early this morning, so I felt like it was putting me to sleep..

We also just watched Sons of Anarchy season 1 – disc 1. I don’t remember what episode I got up to when I watched it with Mum, so we’re just going to watch it all the way through.

Anywhoo.. Back to my music and sudoku I think. Night!

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